28. September 2015
      to catch the delicate fragrance
to catch the delicate fragrance

Den letzten Duft einfangen



Small lavender bunches or rose blooms placed in little bags sewn by yourself make nice gifts for friends. You can also use them as decoration in your own home. Dried lavender in your wardrobe not only smells lovely but it also keeps moths away.


Rose blooms have to be cut through the whole of the summer. You cut and a new bloom will grow. Collect and dry the petals then place them in a bowl to make a pottpouri, alternatively fill small gauze bags. If the scent decreases freshen it up with a rose perfume.


Rosen in Harmonie mit Lavendel


Erwartungsvoll in den Garten der Poesie


seen in the book : “Durch das Jahr mit allen Sinnen” what means “Through the year with all sences”

published with Busse Collection

Fotos:©Rita Kohmann
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