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EDITORIAL – the different Online Magazin. 

You can learn about interesting things, read entertainment, and look at fascinating photos here without being bothered by annoying advertising that is always displayed. You decide what you read and would like to see. We offer the pleasure of reading a magazine you can get your hands on that has long since been thought dead. We specialise in things that enrich our lives and make it worth living. If you love nature, are interested in culture and art, then Caliriko is sure to quickly become your favourite online magazine. We do of course have advertising as well. However, it is specifically chosen for our articles and presents our platform to you.

As you can see in the headings bar, we specialise in 6 different areas of interest. The magazine does not of course only include my own words and pictures. There will also be various guest authors to give the magazine diversity.

We also have 5 authors working here permanently in different categories.



If you are only interested in certain categories instead of all of them, we have the option of subscribing to them individually and free-of-charge. At the end of each month we will publish new posts for you in the magazine. We are even planning a fortnightly publication. We hope that you like it and welcome any feedback.


About me

I, Rita Kohmann, am responsible for the caliriko online magazine and would like to briefly introduce myself. I have worked for magazines and catalogues for years as a fashion photographer and before that a travel photographer. I have long since wanted to start my own magazine … To publish what I like and am interested in, and what I can stand behind. The time has come. Time for the CALIRIKO ONLINE MAGAZINE, with which I also try to cater to your tastes.

I have travelled the world and spent many years in other countries and cultures. Have experienced a lot, sometimes incredible, entertaining and informative things. Am an artist, especially an artist of life, also a photographer, painter, stylist and writer, a soul-soother, a friend of cats, a dog whisperer, and a know-it-all who believes in miracles. Not too young to not yet know what is important and not too old to not be able to get involved.

I live in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of the Alps and for part of the year on an island in the Mediterranean. I feel happy where I am right now, enjoy life, and I hope to be able to pass on some of this attitude.

I wish you a lot of fun with the new Caliriko online magazine

Rita Kohmann

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