28. February 2015








Animals going into hibernation

People getting often very tired in the wintertime and we have to overcome it, but there are some animals, they really go into hibernation. That means, they looking for a nice hiding place and make there themselves comfortable and cozy. They turn down their body-temperature and for that they don’t need to eat in the winter. In autumn they eat a lot, that they become winter fat. They draw on this reserves during the whole wintertime. If you know, that you have a hedgehog in your garden, you have to feed him during the autumn with nuts, apples and other fruits. ATTENTION: no milk at all, because for hegehogs milk is poison! If you like to have a hedgehog into your garden, you shoul fill a rain barrel with leaves and lay it besides a hedge.



Photos: Luis

Hedgehogs like also to move into a compost heap. Take care, if you empty it. In case you find a sick hedgehog, the best thing is, to bring him to an animal shelter or you can try it by yourself. You need a rabbit hutch filled up with a lot of hey, that the hedgehog can hide himself into it. In the springtime you have to leave him free, because hedgehog are no pets. May be you see him again next year.


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