10. August 2015
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flower power kids



Vanessa shows her summer outfits and how she styled her little sister selina. This year the fashion is full of blossoms and flowers and this theme did not stop at children’s cloth rightly. The very best is the part, that the fashion is affordable. With many suppliers the child clothes are on sale for a fair price. Right in time before the holidays.



What moves more into summer mood than flowers? Not every child has a garden in front of the door, but if the cloth shows flowers in bright colors, a summer feeling appears.



The whole family knows that Vanessa has a real knowledge about fashion. Thus Selina likes it, if her big sister styles her. To the new flower-leggings she found a suitable T-shirt with butterfly in the cupboard. That´s luck! Selina was happy and romped around in her outfit and feels as light as a butterfly.




Even if the weather is bad the flowers on the outfit light up the day. If the sun shines you feel like already being on holiday. For this reason they are perfect. The light and sometimes aerial material in a transparent look does not crease in the suitcase.


This sweet dress is not only an eye-catcher, it is made in two parts and gives several options to wear it. It is possible to combine the pieces with others. A plain T-shirt fits to the skirt as well as a plain skirt fits to the top with flowers.


Selina wears a plain top. The missing flowers were substitute with real once in her hair by her mummy. Thus unusual and wonderful hairstyle will for sure find imitators.



The combination of the leggings and the miniskirt is absolutely stylish. On top of that the patterns und colors fit perfectly.


To the pink blossoms on the dress the suitable Alice band with small rose buds fits perfect. That´s a good reason to her to smile brighter as the sun.


With the flattering material of the combination Vanessa cannot stop to jump and to turn around.



To the pink blossoms on the dress the suitable Alice band with small rose buds fits perfect.  That´s a good reason to her to smile brighter than the sun.







Selina is invited for the birthday party and considers which flowers for the bouquet are suitable.




Hip beach bags

The floral designs have not stopped even at supermarket carrier bags and this is good in such a way. Since this, they can be used for shopping as well as for swimming. They take second place to the more expensive beach bags. Vanessa just knows how to discover things.

This is the reason, that she has often nicer and more extraordinary things like the others for little money,


  nice summerholidays for all kids from Vanessa and Selina

© caliriko .fotos Rita Kohmann
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