12. August 2015
      decorations with roses
decorations with roses



The time of the roses_V2

This year Romantics and Rose-Lovers are in for a treat. Flowers and especially roses are in fashion. Not just flower prints on fabrics for cloth, also on furnishing fabric, drapery and artefacts. Here are some inspirational pictures for remodelling your house easily.

The photos are made in the extraordinary romantic home in South of France owned by Stylist Gabriele Baldes.


For a big effect yet easy to do, place Objects in a group rather than having them distributed around a room. Collectors among you will perhaps already have suitable decoration pieces and objects. If you don´t have them, the places to look are gift shops, stationaries and flea markets.


Set no limits to your imaginations. Take old bottles or vases and place them in a basket or container decorated with pictures of the subject. You can paint them yourself or use prints or postcards.


Do not stop at the bathroom with the romantic theme! In the bathroom faked roses are acceptable as you can buy really amazing copies.

Dig out from the attic those old artefacts. They might be dust catchers, but it worth it. They can be returned after a while and make space for new ideas.


Roses were beloved already at grandmothers times

Who says once your home is decorated it has to stay the same. Change the decoration with the season and you will enjoy the different times of the year much more. Pictures can be changed in the frames or can be moved.  If you replace the whole picture, just keep in mind to use the same size that you will not have to change the hooks.


It is nice to have a specific theme, like we show now: roses. It can be per example, springtime, summer, Christmas-feeling, ice-flowers etc.…….

make sure, the theme runs through the whole house.


Plan in advance the themes, so when the time will come for that change you already have the props, artefacts and pictures you need.


Have fun with it!

Fotos: ©Rita Kohmann, Styling: Gabriele Baldes


Wechselnder Stil_V4

2015_07-Com-Rosen-Deco 104

Hundreds of years have already survived this kind of rose patterns and over and over again those are taken up by designers and are used, so that they are not fallen into oblivion. This here is a blanket of Ralph Laurens home wear.


This is a more modern variation of rose patterns. Though the rose always remains a rose, but in the sphere of the representation arealways variations. Nevertheless a breath romanticism always last.

2015_07-Com-Rosen-Deco 97

As well as on the photos below, the coffee board of our forefathers looked. There are still lovers of this rose-decorated porcelain. In antiques stores and flea markets one can still find some parts of it by chance.


© caliriko/kohmann


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