11. Februar 2015
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Living – Africa style








African style is in, – was in – and always – will be in. Because you can choose out of richest colors, from warm ethnic earth tones till bright colorful shades, to make your home unique and cozy. The good thing is, that you can do this also wit a low budget. You have to paint walls, ad only a few new things and you can create this unmistakable African feeling. The perfect place to feel like being in holiday und brings you in a good mood.


If you are a traveler and visited Africa, for sure you brought some of the souvenirs and handcraft goods back home. You are a lucky one. But also the people, who like to decorate their home in this style, find easily some elements for an African décor in shops or in the Internet.



The most important thing is, to bring the atmosphere with colors in your room. Most of the African houses are painted in different nuances of brown, ranging from beige over ochre till dark brown. Colors that is specific to the African landscape. If you use this shades for the walls, the most is already won. For example, the surface of the main wall can be dark brown and the other walls and the ceiling gradually lighter.


Choose the color, you really like. Use warm colors for the interior and simple furniture with straight lines. An entirely natural material, those as Bamboo and tropical woods, presents specific African furniture. Beyond that, the African fabrics are 100% natural. They are distinguished by wonderful prints represent African fauna and flora, done mostly with colors, made from earth and plants.



An option is, to paint some of your furniture in a fitting color. That’s it. Only some impressive elements for decorating the home are necessary. You have to make your decision. Either you be discreet with two or three colors in the same tone, ore you use bright colors. Take care, that you do not overdo.


Very suitable for this style are carved bowls or figures and woven baskets, made by the natives. In our days some of them are for sale all over the world.


Surely, not only you will be attracted to this vibrant decorating style, witch is Ethno feeling pure.





















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