01. April 2015
  LIFESTYLE   Teenie-fashion



something hip for the school holidays


Vanessa is 11 years, soon already becomes 12. Because her age exists of 2 figures and is the first one of it is the number 1, quite clear – already she is a teenager! actually, I met only girls of this age, which are either on the natural trip and everything turns only around animals, or those who are interested in everything which deals with fashion. Vanessa belongs to the second cathegory.

How you can easily recognise by these photos. She is really good in this things. how fantastically she puts the outfits together.




She combines here some new things with BASIC which it already has in the cupboard. It comes out as top fashionably. Besides, she also has own ideas. Per example, she adds an old hat in a color which fits, exactly as a lot of young Hollywood stars do. Thereby she contrasts with the mass. You will see, soon already one will copy them in her class. This is the destiny of trendsetters!




The jeans shorts which is intended, actually, for the summer, she wears with Leggins under it on cold days. quite simply she makes a spring outfit. One must have ideas!

Vanessa soon will deliver some more ideas to You


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