01. April 2015
  HOUSEGARDEN   wild garlic for easter banquet
wild garlic for easter banquet

This year, because of this bad weather, it does not pull us out into the nature, – however, the wild garlic has done it. He stands already for days there Outdoors and waits only to be picked.

Now at Easter it comes to us just in time: There is nothing what fits optically better to Easter, than this recipe, which we found in the book: “Through the year with all senses“.

This recipe is the proof that a banquet can be also delightful vegetarian. This here does all credit to the Easter party.

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we found this recipe in the book “Durch’s Jahr mit allen Sinnen” published at Busse Verlag, Bussecollection ISBN 978-3-512-04037-5.

Wash the wild garlic, hack it roughly and mix it with grated Parmesan, salt, pepper and olive oil. Lay on a plate the freshly cooked, dripped off asparagus, arrange wild garlic in nest form and distribute the cooked and peeled quail’s eggs to it.

Happy Easter

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