20. February 2015
  TRAVELS   winter walk
winter walk

In January and February, till into the march, we have here on the foothills of the alps often a changing of weather, lights and atmosphere. This beauty of the colors and clear mood makes us sometimes breathless, because the landscape looks so different, like we used to know it. It seems so unreal, like on a painting.

IMG_2286-1-2-e1421937770952_1000px IMG_2319-1-1-e1421937604333_1000px

The  pictures I made this winter during a walk with my dogs. The photos are taken by my i-phone in between one hour. I did not manipulate the pictures after it. This is real.



It is thanks to the clear weather and sunshine during the day, the upcoming fog and the fact of the twilight at the end.


Photos and copyright: Rita Kohmann

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