28. February 2015
      Apollos Diary
Apollos Diary







1. Give me a break!!!

I am a mixed dog and my name is Apollo. She, I mean Rita, (I hate to call her my „master“ or „owner“ or all the other stupid names, people give our human family-members, like we own them, or we are slaves), so, she told me, to write a diary about me and the other family-members, for her online magazine, because people like stories from and about pets.

Apollo im Schnee-499Kopie_Ret_1000Pixel

Give me a break! Suddenly I have to be a writer – a storyteller, if I have not enough other things to do! I am busy the whole day, except all the hours a dog has to sleep also during daytime. I am a professional ballplayer and the training every day cost time. I am taking care of all our family-members and we are a big amount. Except the humans, we have an old Doberman-Lady named Amor, 3 male cats: Ägais, 8 years, Lilando, 5 years and since 3 month the little Riko, 5 month, who is annoying and like we say here in Germany – „he goes extremely on my nerves“. And of course the princess, Agäis sister Symi. Tell you the truth, in our family is more greek blood, than german, even if Rita is German and the father of Ägäis and Symi is a Bavarian.

Symi is a real Pussycat, arrogant and holds all the others under her thumb. Of course, not me. For her I am air. I pretend, like I don’t recognize it. She is really childish, even if she is already 8 years old like her brother Ägäis. Her name is like the little Greek Island Symi and her brothers name Ägäis comes from the Ägean Sea, because he has on his white fur a lot of little islands in black, like the one in this Sea in Greece. You have to know, their mother (+) came from Greece, like me and Amor and our master Yorgos. We live here in Germany, but with our Greek influenced names we are connected with the country we come from. Symi is a beautiful name, but nobody. at least I never heard it, calls Symi with this name, She is “kleine Hexe”, what means “little witch”.

Even I have not the best relation to her, I have to say, that she is the very best mouse-hunter.

We live in a huge farmhouse and Rita appreciate, that we have no mouse in the house. She pets Symi and says thank you to her, if she brings her a dead mouse. Unbelievable, but true ! And  that’s quite often. What she does’t like is, that she hunts the birds, which Rita feeds in a special little birdhouse during the winter, if we have snow. You can see on this picture what the bitch does. She sits in the birdhouse and if a nice little bird comes, because it is used, that food is in it, than she catches the bird with one hit. Once, I watched her. She is so fast. If I see her sitting in the birdhouse I start barking that no bird comes and after a wile she gives up.


Do you see now, about how many things I have to take care?

You see, I forgot the time, I have to remind Rita, that we have to go for a walk, before it is dark again like yesterday and the day before and before and before. I have to walk her, because she does not go alone. Of course we take also Amor with us. So I cannot tell you more now, but I promise, next time I will introduce you more specific all the family. You will not believe how much stories I have to tell, from dramatically till funny ones and than I show you also pictures from our life. But If I do the Diary, I really don’t know, because I am short in time. On top, it has to be in English – give me a break! I am Greek ! I speak German, but my English is not the best.

Anyway, you will hear again from me soon, but now I have to go – sorry – till the next time.


It’s me again – fogot to tell you, that we in Germany had  Carnaval … My costume was a hunter – do you like it ?

_MG_0010 1_ret_1000px

My costume was really cool compered with this funny wigs, what my friend Pauli wears. Yes it looks great, but it is not a big thing, because his master Werner Micolaiczyk (may be you know him from the TV), is a famous hair and make up artist. Of course he made something extraordinary for him. I am sure he use it also for selfadvertisement, to show how excelent he is.

You never know.

Bild 7_1000px

Yes it is pretty, but give me a brake – Pauli i a boy !!!!! Helau and Alaf (the Germans say it instead of hallo ,during the carneval?!?!?)


But look what the humans do. They paint their faces. Really, that’s going a little bit too far.


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