12. March 2015
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Easter – breakfast

Why must it be always complicated?

Nevertheless, we all connect Easter with Easter eggs. Isn’t it?

We can permit ourselves one day in the year, to eat so many eggs like we want, without to pay attention to our cholesterol level. Why not to make quite simply an egg breakfast on Easter Sunday.

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Foam omelette:

For “sweet-lovers”, here the perfect start into the easter-holiday.

Per person separate 2 eggs. stir flatly the Yolk with ½ tablespoons of flour and ½ cup of milk . Hit stiffly . egg white with powdered sugar. Mix it with yolk mass.

heat up Clarified butter in the frying pan and allow to and falter at low temperature.

Jam distribute to it and fold it up. Dust with powdered sugar.

Fried eggs or scrambled eggs,

with or without salmon as a decent variation. The whole thing makes the celebration of the day with a little glass prosecco or champagne and afterwards a chocolate Easter egg!





Happy Easter

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