06. April 2015




© fotos: luis


Probably everybody knows what a tadpole or a frog is. However, what is exactly in between or before nobody knows so surely. At first one needs a little man and a female for the reproduction. Then the female lays the eggs (spawn) in a lake or a pond. Spawn looks like a slimy transparent heap with tiny small points. After one week slip the tiny small tadpole out of it. They are just 10 mm. The eggs are surrounded from slime and this they use as food. Slowly the small tadpole increase in size. After around three weeks they are 1 cm and have outgrown. Slowly they get her hind feet and afterwards also her the one in front. At the ends they lose their tail. Now t becomes a frog and walks from his pond. After one year the frogs come back again exactly to the same place for the same procedure.

This article wrote Luis, 10 years, alone and tiped it also in the computer by himselves



He showed me the difference of the tadpole between the normal and the grass-frogs.  The ones from the grass-frogs are much more smaller.


fotos and © caliriko
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